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Bathe In Money

Have you see the Liberty Vault?!! A small indoor mall located in our renovated Liberty Buildling lobby. It will accommodate several retail stores that w'ill be accessible to all of our tenants and local shoppers. Our anchor tenant is Verizon Communications. The small retail spaces will measure 18' x 20' and 18' x 40', and be self-enclosed with a locking door. The leases will be all-inclusive, just like our office leases on the upper floors. These spaces will rent in the range of $400 to $600 per month. A shared ADA accessible bathroom will be available in the lobby for store employees and shoppers. This is a great place to take that home based business to a retail stage, open a sattelite shop or provides services to our tenants upstairs, like gifts, flowers, haircutting, coffee, office supplies, etc. A built in client base. You too can bathe in money. Call Dave at (516)798-0732 now.

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